Disruptive Business Research Services

  • Research of Trade Markets
  • Research of Consumer Markets
  • Strategic analysis and recommendations for client actions

The UK, can be a deceptive market place sometimes appearing to be a mirror reflection of the US markets for both consumers and b2b, then – without obvious reason – some US products, services and approaches just fail completely in the UK.

This is true of many EU markets as well, where there is more in common with the UK , than there is not, but “Vendor be aware” if you don’t do your research carefully and intelligently.

Competitor analysis, market trends, customer demand, Market segmentation, market predictions – these necessary steps, are vital to provide any new market entrant with the essential facts of where they are about to enter in to battle. As you know from Sun Tzu and the Art of War, know your enemy as well as you know yourself – before landing the first blow. Beyond the presentation of facts, we will add the our own disruptive analysis and recommendations for your business, helping you to target your market and ensure optimal use of your resources.