Chances are if you have a successful product or service in your own domestic market, you may have a market ready and waiting for you in the UK.

Markets are getting ever more similar and connected, whether b2b or b2c, there are now strong similarities across the globe in most economic and consumer markets. Of course, sometimes cultural differences and society values can change the metrics of consumer demand, but that is where we at Disruptive will help you comprehend the subtleties of the UK market, and importantly help you understand your true potential in the UK.

The UK, despite the recent Brexit shock wave, remains one of the world’s greatest markets, for both b2b and b2c enterprise.

Whilst even the greatest economic and trading experts cannot agree on the long-term effects of Brexit, this is not the time to delay or put off trading to the UK.

It is obvious that any negotiated Brexit deal, will probably not impact upon actual trading for many years to come, and any such impact may not affect your own products and services –  It is Just as likely that Brexit will be a positive trading move, giving most overseas suppliers even better access to the UK market – So don’t use Brexit as a reason not to commence building profitable sales growth with the UK markets

Politics aside, you can be sure that there is only ever one right time to investigate a market and commence trading, that is always NOW, as your competitors will not wait for you. At Disruptive, we will look to advise you quickly on the potential for your business in the UK, and then work to develop a winning strategy to take you to the market and win sales and market share.

So IF you want :-

  • Access to nearly 70 million people
  • Access to the World’s 6th largest global economy
  • Access to a non restricted market, that encourages new product/supply
  • Access to a stable, safe and wealthy market place