The World renowned Times Newspaper, acknowledges the benefits of Disruptive Business.

This Times article showcases 100 of the UK’s top entrepreneurs, all of which have a common theme.  To challenge established players and established markets. “Meet the Disrupters”.

It’s a very good collection of some of the smartest current business minds and their now succesful business ventures, that whilst many started in the UK, many now have an international or global reach. Notice how their disruptive skills work in any type of business – service, product, manufacturing, brand and retail.

For ourselves at Disruptive Business UK, it just serves to re confirm what we already know and believe, that disruption to your market, disruption to your business is a great thing. We also believe that there are tremendous opportunities for overseas manufacturers, brands and retailers to “be Disruptive” in the UK market place. Let us help you Disrupt your plans for selling in to the UK, and create bigger impact, huge revenue waves, and of course Bottom line profitable returns.

Is Disruption easy ? No ! It is usually a brave strategy born of much hard work in understanding your market, understanding your business. Then looking beyond what is on the surface and see what really matters and despite what is “convention” or the “norm”, discover what the client or consumer really requires.

Talk to us at Disruptive Business UK.  We will soon look to help you win large sales in the United Kingdom, and maybe one day have your business in the Times top Disruptors 100 List !

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