Does an identical company in the UK make a good partner ?

Many Overseas businesses have in the past forged partnerships and exclusive supply deals with UK companies, identical to their own. So the overseas “Widget manufacturer” teams up with the UK Widget manufacturer, which all seems to make sense, as the overseas supplier rightly believes that the UK company “knows the widget market”, has ready made demand for widgets,  and “talks the same widget product language”.   For many overseas manufacturers, they are happy with this model, as the UK company provides regular orders.  If all you seek is “one more customer”, and having no identity or control of your markets is not a problem, then the old model is for you.


So What’s the problem Doc ……

Remember that your UK manufacturing or distributor partner will always be putting their own business first, and yours second. You will also struggle to ever understand the UK market, as your partner will be the “gatekeeper” to any knowledge and information, that they choose to pass back to you – or not.

Your UK “partner” may well be interested in innovation and clever marketing, but they will not share this with you, as they see you as a “supplier” only, and not a true partner in “their” UK market.  Despite this being a very common export/import business model, it offers up tremendous “conflict of interests”.


The New “Direct ” Model

If you are seeking to be in control of your business in the UK market, to understand the real opportunities, to gain market data first hand, and to promote your product, services and company directly to the UK customers – then Welcome to the Disruptive “Direct” trading model.   We believe that whilst you may need UK based assistance, expertise, and a UK perspective – it is your business – that should be known by the UK end customer and your brand that is established in the UK for your own long term benefit and gain.

Whilst that means not partnering with an identical company, or a known industry distributor, we believe that you have far more to gain by keeping your own independence, and being directly involved in all UK market activity. Long term profitability, long term business branding (B2B or B2C) is best served by our Direct Disruptive model.  Innovation, disruptive marketing and maximising your own sales has to be “owned” by you and not your partner. So if you want to take on the UK market and beat the current players, learn how to excel, develop winning strategies and become a respected long term market player – talk to us today.