Tri city born, business woman Jolanta Higgs and her British Husband, Kevin, are bringing harmony and new revenues to more Polish – British business relationships.

The couple with offices in the UK and Poland (Gdynia) , after founding both manufacturing and marketing businesses, are now focused upon helping Polish Businesses reach the UK  Markets. Offering UK based resources for Sales, marketing, research, in both B2C and B2B markets, the couple manage a team of in house experts on all facets of trading in the UK. Starting with free and relaxed advice, through to managing a client’s total UK operation (with dedicated client staffing where applicable).

Jolanta, born in Puck, Poland is thoroughly enjoying the challenges of helping local companies grasp and reach the potential of massive new UK markets.  She states

“The trick for many client companies its to re assure them that there is little or no cost to some initial research, and then normally initial sales orders from the UK will cover the cost of developing a UK dedicated operation. We help our clients to truly outsource their UK export arm, so that any costs are directly linked to trade levels and they have no long term or expensive fixed overheads, yet are seen by the UK customer as offering a superb UK based service to them.” 

Jolanta splits her time between the UK and Poland, covering the whole of the country, but obviously has a special interest in helping companies local to her area of upbringing. Jolanta has a passion for helping to bring new and exciting products and services from Poland to the UK. She adds.

“This really is the future of export marketing and sales fulfillment, as the days of having to lock into an often unfair UK distributor agreement, and or invest in UK offices and staff are now long gone, I really do believe that there are many business opportunities now in the UK for many over seas companies, where in teh past there were too many cost and relationship hurdles to overcome”

The UK now is the world’s sixth largest economy, and many more Polish goods and services could be being consumed in the UK today – Jolanta’s company “Disruptive Business UK” aims to make sure that happens sooner rather than later.