Brexit – A Trading Opportunity

Disruptive was born out of the Leave EU vote in 2016, where we at Disruptive Business perceived that there would be more need, not less, for guidance and practical support for overseas companies wanting to do Great business in Great Britain.  We also believe passionately that there are much better smarter ways to now work at selling in to the UK.

Mistakenly there has been a cloud of uncertainty around doing business in the UK, yet the opposite is the reality, where the UK’s mostly open deregulated market is the World’s sixth largest, and if anything changes eventually, it may well be in many years’ time and to the benefit of most exporters to the UK. Disruptive understands the potential concerns and obstacles that may stop otherwise dynamic companies from trying to break in to the UK, but we are here to help you reach this new revenue for your business in 2017 and beyond.

Disruptive Business UK offers an “Outsourced” UK sales/marketing resource to any business interested in winning UK revenues. With offices in Leicester (UK) and Gdynia (Poland) they look to take their client companies to the UK market via a least cost route, where initial sales revenues cover most of their client’s costs. Disruptive was so named to emphasise the dramatic change in pursuing international business in the UK and of course as a nod towards the disrupted political and economic environments we all face around the word today.

Old Model traditional distribution agreements have proven to be too expensive and too inflexible or the alternative route of costly investment in your own UK resources were once the only way to secure UK sales.

The New model is one of smart flexible business, where the overseas company retains their IP and control over their actions in foreign markets, but relies upon outsourced resources, thus minimising investment but maximising flexibility.

Whilst the UK is a demanding market for both B2C and B2B clients, Disruptive Business UK’s approach will see their clients counting their new revenues, and not counting costs.