We always aim to cover any costs to your business from new revenue that our work generates for your business. Often this can be as direct as an agreed percentage of the generated sales revenue, or proportion of gross profits – whatever the most sensible metric may be for your business.

Where some of our work for you may have a more indirect relationship to revenue (organising or Trade events, PR work etc) we will at all times look to show the long term direct revenue benefits from every project. We believe that the only business worth creating and winning, must be profitable for all parties at all times.

As your business is with your clients and consumers, we are ever flexible in our approach to remuneration and billing to our clients, and keen that we develop a “win win” relationship at all times. We work on project fixed fee basis, retainer basis and ad hoc terms as required.

We will be the first to state if your business sector is not appropriate for our work, or if we feel a dedicated UK partner (already trading in the same products) would be more beneficial to you (we will even find you the best partner!).

We believe good business is hard enough to achieve, without designing in relationship problems or flaws if partners are not perfectly matched, so please be assured that we will have your interests and your benefits uppermost in our minds when looking to work with you and we will only propose winning solutions

If you are seeking the benefits of a UK office and work force, without the costs, look no further. Or if you simply need some initial UK based sales and marketing consultancy to expanded your UK revenues.