Initial Disruptive contact

First contact is all about identifying a good fit between our services and your needs, and also ensuring that we have a good understanding of your business and its market and you have a great understanding of what we could do for you.

We are totally committed to transparent and honest communication and working practices, and as we actively look to highlight all of the many positives that we could bring to your business, but we will not shy away from raising potential obstacles that could be issues to our work together.  We will not ever over promise, or look to seduce a new client, and we will ask direct questions that have any direct bearing upon our joint success in the UK market.

At any stage, we can meet face to face. As it becomes appropriate we can meet at your business location or at ours. We have a permanent base in both Leicester (the Midlands), UK and Gdynia (Northern), Poland

Frameworks or Disruptive agreements

Once both parties have a good feeling that there is business to be done, we then look to formalise our relationship, this can be a simple initial agreement to confidentially scope out potential areas for revenue growth in the UK, or you may wish us to undertake an analysis of how your marketing and branding would work in the UK,  or you may be ready to enter into fast and dynamic business relationship – the pace and detail of our first steps will always be appropriate to your needs and your wishes.

We exist only to improve your business, and add value. We believe in robust and concise agreements, that ensure both parties have a good framework of understanding and thus a foundation for trust and openness.

Development with Disruptive

Once we have our initial agreement in place, the real work begins, in comprehending every aspect of your business, its products and services, and importantly the market in which you serve and operate.

Depending upon the remit of our initial scope of works, we look to deliver the promised results quickly and efficiently. We will also add intelligent business analysis to our work, that will go beyond the initial project KPI’s and demonstrate how you can look to optimise your UK presence and UK revenues. Whatever the aspect of our work with you, we will endeavour to be a part of your business, outsourced and overhead free, but still with an approach that we work for you and for your objectives.

Long Term Disruptive Benefits with short term commitment

We believe that the best business revenue and profitability is a result of long term strategy, implementation, feedback and refining of strategy, and that this cycle never ends.

This cannot ever be achieved in the short term, but we believe that your initial commitment should only be to the shortest term comfortable to you, to allow you to see results and believe that long term benefits will result from our partnership in developing your business.