Disruptive Business, is defined just like your own business, by the people who manage and work within it. Our core and permanent management staff cover the following disciplines and abilities.

Over 30 years of direct sales and business development experience, covering product manufacturing, licensed product supply, Brand development and brand sales, marketing services and creation of consumer and trade retail outlets, close understanding of online digital marketing channels and social media strategy.

Working with and within some of the world’s largest Brands and Retailers, but ALSO with experience of working with and within the smallest of start-up companies – size of organisation does not limit the possibilities for your business with Disruptive Business in the UK market.

Experienced in both B2B and B2C, whoever the end target customer or consumer is, we will have a view on how to reach them, and how to win them. We think outside of any business box, and pride ourselves on innovative marketing and innovative approaches to prospective clients.

We don’t have to be the cleverest one’s in the room, as we have an extensive network of supporting “experts”, whenever our direct knowledge needs that extra boost.

A belief in delivering results through both hard and smart work, that adds value, not costs, to our client’s business.

We believe that Business can be rewarding, ethical, exciting and enjoyable, all at the same time without compromising results or efficacy for any party.

We recommend early confidential Contact with Disruptive Today, to discuss how our business can best represent your business and find ways of delivering new UK revenue for your company tomorrow.